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Ratfish Liver Oil
RFO 10ml (small)
Ratfish Liver Oil
RFO 50ml (large)
Cod Liver Oil
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Cod Liver Oil
90 Softgels
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Rosita Extra-Virgin Ratfish Liver Oil™ - 10ml

216,00 NOK each
194,40 NOK per unit for buying at least 3
172,80 NOK per unit for buying at least 5

New production in stock February 7th 2018 - great smell and taste with good test results that will be published soon.

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Rosita RFO 10ml


Our small bottle contains 10 ml - or 230 drops of its precious oil.

10ml RFOThis very rare and unique handcrafted oil - produced from ancient principles given to us from nature and its seasons - has shown remarkable properties through lab-testing and usage. Its naturally high content of antioxidants also gives it a very long shelf life.

Ratfish - chimaera monstrosa - is not related to any other fish species on this planet. The liver is more than 60% of its total mass weight and it has separate anal and urogenital openings. It is one of the oldest fish species known - containing substances and DNA found in mammals, sharks and fish.

The ratfish (also called rabbit fish) is not the same as skate fish or ghost shark, it is not even close to be related to any of these fish species or any other fish species on this planet. And no matter what other sources on the Internet may say, Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™ could only be found here in this Net-Shop or with other business partners approved by the Rosita Family. (If needed, please ask for these approved business partners and where to find them).

Lab-tests have revealed this oil to contain as much as 33% of the very precious alkylglycerols. "Google search alkylglycerols"

With its estimated 230 drops - depending on your demands, this bottle will be enough for limited usage. It lubricates, protects and de-calcifies with deep penetrating properties on/in very demanding surfaces and systems.

To read more about this very rare, special and unique oil please search the Internet for sources. "Google search ratfish liver oil".

Produced according to HACCP food safety standards.

Suggested Serving Size:
10-12 drops daily
- Intensive use: Twice daily for 6 weeks.

Storage UN-OPENED bottles:

  • In Freezer for 3-5 years. (-19°C = -2.2°F)
  • In Fridge for 1-3 years. (4°C = 39°F)
  • In dark cool environment 1 year. (15°C = 59°F)
  • In dark warm environment 3-6 months. (30°C = 86°F)

Warning! Keep dropper untouched free from pollutants.

Testing has shown that vitamins and other substances found in Rosita Extra-Virgin Ratfish Liver Oil™ are not affected by freezing and remain completely intact. (As the nature in general, it is put into the state of deep sleep, fully aware and capable when being activated again by the seasons of spring and summer).

In summary, the oil must be kept dark.

Third-Party Tested by the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling.
Our latest production is tested for contaminants on February 12th 2016. Please find the test results under the tab "TESTING". All results within the stringent EU-regulations.

If contact with the oil causes allergic reactions, please consult a physician.

Optimal and long time storage in freezing conditions down to -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit). Opened bottles should always be stored in temperatures below 4-6 degrees Celsius (39-43 degrees Fahrenheit). The oil may become thick and cloudy when refrigerated or frozen: Gently shake before use.


Stock – limited availability at times due to the handcrafted nature of our rare products.